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Christian Comedy Shows and Fundraisers: "At the Crossroads of Laughter & Grace"

    A lifelong Christian, Jeremy has been getting laughs in churches since he was a little boy. It all began when he shook his 78 year old Pastor's hand with an electric buzzer. He never looked back. Now, he performs his shows at churches for fundraisers, volunteer appreciation, youth groups, Christmas parties, revivals, outreach events, Vacation Bible School, Mother's Day, Men's retreats, and just about any reason you can think of. 
    The best part is that all of his comedy is 100% clean, inoffensive, and hilarious. Its a great way to introduce people in the community to Christ in an easy going, non-intimidating manner. It can also be a great way grow a congregation closer to each other and closer to Christ.
    Jeremy is a Christian, so he knows what is and is not acceptable for performance material.  Many comedians simply say they understand, and later on Jeremy hears the terrible stories the next year when the churches say they should've just hired Jeremy. Do NOT risk you or your church's reputation by hiring a comedian for your church that isn't a Christian!


Jeremy does all kinds of different Christian shows and fundraisers.  Here are a few examples:

A great idea for your ministry, school, charity, non-profit, and more!  Looking for a fundraiser that's easy to plan, not much work, statistically is a top grossing fundraiser method, AND attracts new clients and donors that have never heard of you?  This is it!!   Jeremy's fundraiser show is clean and inoffensive, but powerful and energetic enough that the unchurched crowds have fun too.  Plus, studies show the biggest donations come after the audience has been loosened up!  And if you'd like, Jeremy is willing to do media interviews to help promote the show AND do the "ask" at the end of the night.

The same comedy show that Jeremy performs at theaters and comedy venues throughout the country.  This is great for Christmas parties, revivals, volunteer appreciation, and outreach events.

Jeremy's show which consists of all kinds of jokes and stories about marriage and dating.  A perfect fit for a special date night, such as (but not only for) Valentine's Day.

Jeremy's tailor made show specific for youth groups.  This fun and high energy performance is great for any youth group event or Vacation Bible School.

A comedy performance with lots of references and stories specific to the gender Jeremy is performing for.  Ideal for Women's ministry, Men's groups, Mother's Day and Father's Day events.


The most common next questions is, "Does Jeremy have an agent we need to work with?"  Well, Jeremy has an agent.  BUT, you don't have to work with the agent.  After all, we don't need you paying any more fees!  To begin discussions with Jeremy, just click on the "Get a Quote" page and fill out the info.  It'll be the best decision you make!


You can always email Jeremy directly at any time by clicking HERE.



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