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Missouri Youth Fellowship

Jeremy Nunes 0 0 Article rating: No rating

During the planning period, Jeremy was very helpful in making sure we had all the details lined out beforehand and arrived early to our event to allow enough time to set up...I recommend Jeremy for any event similar to ours.  His material was hilarious and fun.

Lighthouse Pregnancy and Health Services

AJ Vieira 0 0 Article rating: No rating

Jeremy arrive early to discuss and last minute details, was cooperative and amendable to the church we were using, and even donated a portion of his sales to our cause. Jeremy's stand-up comedy was Clean and Funny! Prior to the event, Jeremy was very professional throughout the entire booking and pre-event process. Lastly, Jeremy's testimony was powerful and impactful connecting donors to our cause.

Alpha USA

AJ Vieira 0 0 Article rating: No rating

Jeremy was neat, clean, organized, and well dressed and as a guest for the dinner prior to his show, engaged the guests at his table. Jeremy was also very professional throughout the booking and pre-event process. His communication was timely and clear, he was available for questions throughout our decision-making process. Overall we found Jeremy to be entertaining, effective, and a great value and would recommend him for a wide variety of events.

Faith Family Church

AJ Vieira 0 0 Article rating: No rating

I received lots of positive comments regarding your show. I appreciate your willingness and heart to provide entertainment that was both humorous and appropriate content. I also appreciate all the attention you gave in familiarizing yourself with the nature of the event, the audience, what our expectations were, the order of the evening and so forth. Thanks for coming early and setting up your stage, running a sound check and taking time to meet and greet folks. It was a great evening of food, fellowship, and fun!

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